A year of the director's life is for sale! An independent filmmaker that has created a two films for NASA is looking for a bold company willing to buy a year of the director's life in exchange for an ambitious documentary feature, with a budget equal to the cost of two or three tv commercials. Before the project begins, you can customize the documentary film's settings using the Film Configurator. This will allow #orestfilm to create a film that is not only creative, bold and authorial but also closely aligned with your expectations or the brand's philosophy. Please submit your request for the full director's treatment in the field below


Let`s forget everything we know about documentaries, advertising, feature films, corporate videos, social projects. Let`s take all the experience in creating independent cinema and re-examine it, as one of the co-founders of Ukrainian cinema, Dziga Vetrov, did almost a hundred years ago. Perhaps it will be a new "Man with a movie camera" (BFI Critics' 50 Greatest Documentaries of All Time), but with the use of modern technologies and a rethinking of the language of cinema. And the basis for this film can be your brand


Independent filmmaker, author of two short films for NASA, as well as dozens of videos of various genres


Within 365 days from the moment of signing the contract, you will receive a full-length documentary


Not like a classic documentary, but rather an artistic feature film with unicue vibe and storytelling


For filming your story throughout the year and also creating a lot of additional content for the brand 

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