#orestfilm is an independent filmmaking environment, where an auteur is involved at every stage of filmmaking – from original idea and screenwriting to editing and PR. #orestfilm respects the classics in cinematography. However, not always it follows its laws. The filmmaking workshop does not catch up with trends and doesn't care much if it a trendsetter itself. The preparation for making a film relates to maximum efficiency in time management, resource management and crew workload. #orestfilm philosophy in three words – Innovation. Aesthetics. Idea. The goal is to introduce recognizable, innovative Ukrainian filmmaking tricks of artistic value and share them with the world cinema. Not everything has been created before us.

Orest Smilianets

I became a film director because I find cinema to be the most universal language of  Mankind. It thrills and excites me how many ideas can be transmitted just with one shot and how a single film may change your perception of the world. I got my education by practicing with different types of shootings for over 10 years. Between now and then short films, commercials, documentary and socials projects, animation and video art were getting me prepared for a feature. I think the evolution in modern cinematography should continue not only in terms of technical aspects but also in terms of making more sense. Digital movie making evolves and facilitates the process, and allows to find a better and faster expression of a great amount of ideas. Internet speeds up information exchanges drastically but takes much of their value, though. Now is the time for more ambitious experiments which will allow us to see the cinematography in a new light, and finally foster a dialogue between the  audience and an auteur. Exploring the world to make movies and making movies to explore the world. That is a way to go. 


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